Majestic flavors with pure and instinctive rich taste

Lina is a dates delight brand. Knowing the exact art of bringing taste within the finest dates, we serve each masterpiece with extravagant taste and skills. Our experienced taste masters are engaged continuously to give these finest dates, an innovative modern identity. Our stuffed dates are the reflection of impeccable taste and culinary experience.

Stuffed dates are an easy but impressive hors d’oeuvre that transcends seasonality. We carefully select the highest quality Arabian dates; bring them to our processing centers, fill the real taste in them and then bring them back to your life. These two-bite delicacies balance sweet, salty, and tangy flavors as well as chewy, creamy, and crunchy texture.

Our range of stuffed dates comes in a flavor for every mood. Premium large & extra large dates in verities like Sukkari, Khalas, Khudri, & Sagai in more than 15 different assortments not only emanate the Arab accents but make gifting a rich traditional affair.

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